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CASE STUDY: Dental Practice Site Selection

What the Dentists Was Looking For:

Our client was referred to us about opening a new clinic. The choices are endless, and it makes it hard to pin down an area that is likely to produce success. They came to us to help find the best location possible that suited their personal and professional goals while observing certain restrictions. This is key as even the best location can prove not to work for everyone based upon your objectives, even if it looks like you have found the best location any dentist would take on. Here are some of the parameters we used in starting the site selection process:

A Non-Compete Zone

This dentist has a non-compete clause in their employment contract that stipulates how far away from their current practice they could operate if they chose to leave. Our dentist client was unsure of the geographical area that covered and wanted to make sure where they were looking does not fall into the exclusion zone. We were able to pick an area as close to the non-compete zone as we could get in choosing the correct area in attempting to recapture as many dedicated clients as possible,making it easy for them to commute.

Personal Needs

Our client found it important to know the ins and outs of neighborhood they were contemplating opening their practice in. The dentist was familiar with the area having frequented it many times for social events leaving them with positive thoughts. It is close enough to their residence that the commute to work is not too long, but far enough out of the non-compete zone to uphold the employment contract restrictions. This dentist ultimately feels positive and committed to the area as the best possible place to serve their personal interests.

Finding a Space

Although the search continues and can for some time, the area is known for low vacancies making it hard to physically place yourself in the market. This is a good thing as it means the surrounding area is economically strong, making it attractive to business. It can also be frustrating having to play the waiting game. They have proved to be patient with the expectation that eventually an existing space or new development will come.Having our client’s best interests in mind, we constantly keep looking for openings. We deploy gruella tactics to find the right space when there are seemingly no spaces available. Often, the best space is not advertised.


Even though the area that was chosen seemed to be saturated with other dental practices, the demographic statistics showed that there was a hearty population of people with great incomes and sizable families to support all the existing practices. We determined there was enough room for another practice by volumes using our demographic reports. Our client was able to mentally commit to the area knowing the success of their future practice was vibrant.

Doing it Right

Site selection for a dental practice can be a tough thing to do properly. There are many factors that go into choosing the right location, in the right building, at the right time. Demographics are proving to narrow down the uncertainties that come with making the right choices. Our site selection and demographic services have been designed to help anyone find space depending on what stage of the process they are at when they come to us for help.

We use in house demographic software that can provide intricate details of the big picture or the smallest nuance. Our reporting focuses on the need to know facts and information that is unique to each client. No two site selections for dental clinics are the same, as no two people are the same. The process should be unique to you and not some out of the box solution.We apply the professional and personal needs of each client differently and feel confident we can deliver a solution to you that meets your personal goals.

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