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“Stress Free Lease Solutions”

Very efficient and Jenn was excellent to work with, overall a great experience.

Allison Bridge

I renegotiated my lease, and they made the process easy. I found them to be both extremely helpful as well as very professional.

Scott Gillanders

Professional and insightful. I felt confident throughout the entire process and would refer to them again.I worked with Jenn Madgett on securing a new commercial lease for my chiropractic clinic and she was great! Very easy to communicate with, she was able to explain clearly what all the legalities of the lease meant and had my best interests in mind at all times! I had a great experience working with her and have only great things to say! I will definitely be recommending her to anyone looking for a professional like her to work with! Thank you very much Jenn!

Alexandra Muntean

Professional and insightful. I felt confident throughout the entire process and would refer to them again.

Elora Optometry

Thank you for the work done on our behalf. The detailed report, multi site clinic summaries and invoice documentation were all appreciated. As we started this journey, I had a little insight into the work involved. The ongoing education as well as your patience and persistence were gratefully received.

Dr. Fraser MacKay

My first contact with Ian Toms was over 12 years ago in February, 2004. Thanks to his knowledge and experience I have benefitted enormously since then in terms of both rental rates and the comfort of knowing that my lease does not contain adverse clauses which could jeopardize my future security in renting this space or passing it on to a new buyer upon retirement.

Dr. Fel Rocci

Their Services are invaluable for all dentists that have a landlord and the team is very helpful.

Mr. Manny Dhillon
Practice manager for Dr. Christina Dhillon

Ian Toms and his team have negotiated our initial lease and renewal and achieved results we could never have gotten on our own. Highly recommend them for your leasing needs!

Dr. Sterling

Ian Toms and his team have been a huge asset to our income property business over the years. They have recently developed our new standard building lease model that has simplified our administration and accounting. Ian negotiated strong, fair agreements for our tenants while increasing our profitability. We are extremely pleased with Ian's professionalism and his ability to delicately represent us on our behalf. I would not hesitate to recommend Ian's services to any of my business friends.

Mr. Richard Rosset
Commercial Real Estate Landlord & Retail Business Owner

They help me sleep at night, by ensuring all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed on the $300,000+ lease I am signing.

Mr. Jamie Banner
National Retail Franchisee

I wouldn’t trust anyone else to get the right deal done.

Dr. A.G.

Ian and his team are excellent! They helped me locate a space and negotiate the lease for my first office. ‎ I would never have accomplished this without them.

Dr. J.T.

It was my pleasure to work with you in negotiating my lease renewal. Your professionalism and diligence allowed me a beneficial lease arrangement that should take me to the end of my career. I also know that my landlord felt very comfortable working with you.

Dr. Mitchell Shields

Negotiated my lease renewal to my complete satisfaction, eliminating the negative clauses the landlord wanted to force on me.

Dr. Ian Malloch

I would not have gotten the kind of agreement that gave me the peace of mind I needed without Realty Lease Consultants expertise. Thank you Realty Lease Consultants.

Dr. Howard Libstug

Ian Toms and his team skillfully advised us through an extraordinarily difficult lease negotiation, giving us peace of mind throughout the arduous process, and ultimately a more successful outcome than we would have had without his expertise.

Dr. Kyra Gerber

I first used Ian Toms services about ten years ago, and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I made. I would strongly recommend him and his team.

Dr. Dan Diamond

Ian and his team made renewing my lease a win-win situation for both my landlord and me.

Dr. Les Priemer

Their services are fantastic and the team is extremely professional.

Dr. David Michelberger

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