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New Location Site Selection

Whether you are starting a new venture, or relocating an existing business or practice, choosing the location of your premises is likely the most important decision you make.

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Offer to Lease Negotiation

Your offer to lease describes most of the business terms and conditions which affect your operation for the life span of your new location.

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Lease Negotiation

If the Offer to Lease is the Prenuptial Agreement, your Lease is the Marriage Licence and the Terms under which your business lives for the long future ahead.

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Lease Term Renewal Negotiation

Time to renew or amend? We work hard to negotiate the best terms to support your business well into the future by creating as much flexibility as possible.

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Lease Administration

What you don’t know can and will hurt you. Our professional representation brings over 25 years of experience to your team to help level the playing field.

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Are you a dentist looking
to open a new practice?
We are a boutique realty lease consulting firm

We bring our clients peace of mind that their tenancy arrangements will protect their interests for years to come. Our clients enjoy our personal and prompt attention, and benefit from our ethical and professional approach to issue resolution. 

Realty Lease Consultants Inc.

is a nationally recognized and respected real property lease consulting firm. Considered an authority on tenancy financial issues, lease features, facilities and technicalities, and the art of tenancy negotiation.

Realty Lease Consultants

What Our Clients Have to Say

I first used Ian Tom's services about ten  years ago, and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I made. I would strongly recommend him and his team.
Dr. Dan Diamond

I would not have gotten the kind of agreement that gave me the peace of mind I needed without Realty Lease Consultants expertise. Thank you Realty Lease Consultants.
Dr. Howard Libstug

Ian Toms and his team skillfully advised us through an extraordinarily difficult lease negotiation, giving us peace of mind throughout the arduous process, and ultimately a more successful outcome than we would have had without his expertise.
Dr. Kyra Gerber

Negotiated my lease renewal to my complete satisfaction, eliminating the negative clauses the landlord wanted to force on me.
Dr. Ian Malloch

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