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Five Cost-Saving Strategies to Reduce Your Rent

Your responsibility as a tenant is to manage your tenancy. Your landlord will not call you and offer to reduce your rent. Here are five key rent-saving opportunities every tenant should know.

Tenants’ dilemma: what’s next?

Where’s the refuge from the storm? So much is unfamiliar about the pandemic that it is impossible to make sense of what is happening. At this point, the uncertainty has gone into overdrive. As a result, tenants are scrambling and disoriented.

Manage Your Premises Event Horizon

You spend countless hours planning bank financing, personal investments, tax strategies, taking continuing education credits, learning treatment modalities, developing marketing initiatives, effecting staff recruiting, retention and training strategies, but most tenants rarely look at their premises arrangements because it’s not an immediate concern.

CASE STUDY: Dental Practice Site Selection

Our client was referred to us about opening a new clinic. The choices are endless, and it makes it hard to pin down an area that is likely to produce success. They came to us to help find the best location possible that suited their personal and professional goals while observing certain restrictions.

DENTAL CASE STUDY: When Lease Negotiations Go Bad, We Get Called

After an unsuccessful lease negotiation attempt was made between a dentist and landlord, the dentist reached out to us to help. We often get called to be a mediator in negotiations when they do not go right. Our dentist client had signed a lease without understanding what they needed to increase the value of the practice given they were planning to sell.

Current Trends in Dental Practice Leasing

The commercial real estate industry has changed dramatically in the past 5 years. As a tenant you need to be aware of the changes and manage your position accordingly.