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Looking for a new location can be a bewildering experience. So many possibilities and so much information!

Look forward to clearly understanding which location is the right one for your future.

Whether you are starting a new venture, or relocating your existing practice, choosing the location of your premises is likely the most important decision you make. You need experienced and dedicated professional representation to protect your interests and save time and stress. You only have one shot to make the right decision!

Our comprehensive site selection service is specifically designed to select the very best location for you and your particular needs. Relax and enjoy the power decades of professional experience brings to your future. Rest assured that our site selection service will provide you with the best location for your needs, having:

• demographics that “fit” with your vision for the future of your operation
• The proper real estate to support your venture
• An efficient premises size
• Appropriate signage
• An attractive rental rate
• Adequate parking
• Appropriate location in your trade area

We will guide you through the process beginning with helping you define and understand a trade area based on your personal preference, demographics and competition. We personally visit and study the trade area to determine key activity features. We inventory all available realty both in the field and on-line. We research all possibilities qualifying with your criterion. We compare and contrast the possible locations, and work with you to identify the best one for your needs, preparing you to proceed to the offer to lease stage of new location development.

Our service is summarized to you in a final professional report that completely describes the result of our work and includes an itemized list of our professional activity on your behalf. 

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