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What you don’t know can and will hurt you. Our professional representation brings over 70 years of experience to you, leveling the playing field.

As commercial realty lease specialists, all we do every day is resolve lease issues. We understand lease mechanisms and negotiation strategies better than most landlords. And we understand how vulnerable and stressed you feel.
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Our Services

Does your lease properly protect you and your operation?
Our comprehensive lease analysis and review service provides a thorough analysis of your lease document package, your realty leasing market and your needs. Based on our study and conversations with you, we provide you with a summary of risks and opportunities enabling you to clearly understand your lease and plan accordingly. Go ahead, let us answer the questions you have been wondering about for years.

Are you paying the correct rent?
Our professional lease audit and review service is designed to identify whether your lease terms and conditions are being properly administered. For example, do you think your landlord is going to call you up and let you know you are overpaying rent? If you don’t protect yourself, who will? Based on a thorough analysis of your lease documents we make sure you are only paying for what you agreed to pay for, and help you retrieve overpayment.

Are you assigning your lease?
Have confidence and peace of mind through this challenging time. Be assured that your interest is being represented based on the experience of thousands of completed lease assignment transactions. In most cases, the value of your operation is at stake during the assignment process; why risk your position without specialized expert representation? Be certain that the landlord does not take advantage of your position at this time. Be certain your successor takes all of the liability for your operation.

Are you being asked to execute a lease document you don’t understand?
What is an estoppel certificate? Why am I being asked to pay rent electronically? Who is this new landlord? We deal with these questions each day and can guide you through the process. What you don’t know can and will hurt you. Make sure you do not inadvertently amend your own lease to your disadvantage. Don’t sign anything or accept anything until you clearly understand your position and possible responses. Our prompt and efficient service is designed to protect your interests through what appears to be a very safe and simple process.

Are you being relocated by your landlord?
Perhaps you can benefit from moving to a new location at the landlords’ expense! Relocation can be a challenging experience, but having been through the process many times, we are often able to help our clients “come out on top”. Handled professionally, this opportunity can actually improve the value of your operation!

Are you faced with litigation, arbitration or mediation?
We successfully work with litigation experts through court, arbitration and mediation proceedings. Disputes can be very unsettling if you do not completely understand your position or have the right representation. Based on over 60 years of experience, we are comfortable in adversarial positions and confident that your position will be properly represented.

Would you rather buy than lease?
Sometimes purchasing a property is a more cost effective solution than leasing. Count on our professional guidance to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of owning and leasing, and helping guide you through the decision making process. If you decide to purchase, we provide a comprehensive service guiding you from the initial site selection process, through offer to purchase negotiation, and final purchase closing.

Would you like to get out of your lease?
Things happen. You may wish you had never signed your lease. We can help. We call these lease termination negotiations “extractions”; the goal is to relieve our client of lease obligations as painlessly as possible. Count on our professional guidance to guide you through the process. We make all the necessary arrangements including drafting and administering the lease termination agreement.

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