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If the Offer to Lease is the prenuptial agreement, your lease is the marriage licence. Your lease describes the terms and conditions under which you and your practice will operate for many years to come. 

With our professional representation, you can look forward to lease negotiation! All we do each day, every day, is review and negotiate realty lease arrangements; we often consider more leases in one day than many advisors consider in a month! Put this professional expertise to work for you!

Our comprehensive lease negotiation service is based on review and negotiation of thousands of lease documents across Canada and the United States. Our service ensures that the interests of each client are protected. We strive to earn the confidence, trust and respect of each client, and look forward to representing them for many years to come. We ensure that no stone remains unturned; that each lease term and condition makes sense and protects our client now and throughout the tenancy.

Your new lease needs to be reviewed and negotiated to ensure that the terms and conditions so carefully negotiated in the offer to lease are accurately expressed in the lease and also to ensure that no new negative terms or conditions are introduced to the tenancy.

Lease documents are very detailed, lengthy and comprehensive. It takes an experienced professional eye to notice and correct very subtle issues. What an untrained and inexperienced person does not know can and will hurt you.

We begin with a thorough analysis of the offer to lease, the proposed lease, and discussions with you to make sure that we clearly understand your needs and concerns. We will provide you with our analysis, recommendations and realistic expectations. Then we will approach your landlord or the landlord representative to negotiate the terms and conditions of your lease, keeping you advised as we progress through the process.  When the terms and conditions have been agreed to, we will administer final execution of the lease document, ensuring that your tenancy is secure with a final and binding contract.

Our service is summarized to you in a final professional report that completely describes the result of our work and includes an itemized list of our professional activity on your behalf.

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